If you run a commercial kitchen in the Indianapolis area, you know that it takes meticulous attention to detail and regular maintenance to be successful. A key part of this is hiring a commercial plumber you can depend on to lighten the load. At Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc. we keep the commercial kitchens in Indiana running smoothly with a variety of commercial plumbing services. Here are just a few types of kitchens we serve.

Types of Commercial Kitchens We Service

1. Restaurants

As a business owner, you understand the importance of a clean, orderly kitchen. Customers want their meals served in a timely manner from a clean and organized kitchen. Avoid the headache of a clogged drain or leaking pipes by joining our preventative maintenance program. Our technicians will work with you to build a plan that fits your needs.

2. Cafeterias

Cafeterias, whether in hospitals, schools, or corporate buildings, need to serve meals on time, every time. There is nothing like a clogged drain to slow down a kitchen operation and wreak havoc in your facility. Fortunately, these kinds of incidents are easily preventable with regular drain cleaning and expert installations. At QPH, we have installed, repaired, and maintained small to large commercial kitchen appliances including water filtration, ice machines, hot side kitchen equipment such as ovens, fryers, and steamers, and cold side kitchen equipment like refrigerant conversions, walk-in coolers, freezers, and reach-in coolers and freezers.

3. Food Processing Plants

Finally, we service food processing plants to keep them running like a well-oiled machine to maximize production and meet deadlines. Just like the other industries we service, plumbing services are essential to meet this goal and comply with state rules and regulations. Whether you own or operate a large factory or a small commercial kitchen, our services will help keep your facility working smoothly.

Depend on the exceptional food equipment services of QPH. Contact our team today at (833) 235-9260 or request service online. We service Indianapolis and all of central Indiana, including Kokofor mo, and all nearby communities.