It takes a lot of work to maintain a commercial business. Making sure the HVAC system at your business is functioning properly is part of the job. If you don’t maintain it, even the best system will lose its effectiveness and capacity to make your workspace comfortable. In light of this, the simplest method to experience continuous comfort and save money on energy bills, according to savvy business owners, is to opt into a regularly-scheduled service plan. Continue reading to learn three of the benefits of our commercial HVAC service plan from the team at Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Benefits of Having a Commercial HVAC Service Plan

1. Avoid Breakdowns

You may prevent problems that are expensive and disruptive to your company by working with an expert commercial HVAC repair company. Your equipment will receive ongoing maintenance from your contractor. If there are any possible issues, your service professional can fix them. Additionally, maintenance for commercial heating and cooling also maintains the validity of your HVAC warranties.

2. Enjoy Cleaner Air

Building-related illnesses (BRI) and sick building syndrome (SBS) are becoming more common in commercial buildings. Headaches, nausea, trouble breathing, drowsiness, dizziness, and itching skin are just a few symptoms that may appear. Unclean commercial HVAC equipment and inadequate ventilation can also contribute to these symptoms. As they build up in your system, toxins spread to your workplace. Soon they will accumulate in indoor air and have an effect on the health of your consumers and employees.

3. Save Money

Efficiently-functioning HVAC equipment is the key to reducing energy expenses. The cost of running the unit will decrease the more effectively it does its task. Preventive maintenance can save HVAC operating costs by up to 45%, according to industry research. Maintaining your HVAC properly means regularly scheduled inspections and services.

Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. provides HVAC service plans to commercial businesses throughout Indianapolis and surrounding cities. We also offer building automation services, food service equipment installation, and more. Contact us today at (812) 662-7567 to request service.