Walk-in refrigerators are an essential part of many different businesses and if your business relies on one, you know how serious a malfunction can be. When an appliance like this fails, it can mean a major loss of business and investment as the items inside could be ruined by the lack of refrigeration. At Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc., we never want to see your business suffer, that’s why we’ve listed some warning signs to look out for. By catching these problems early on, you can decrease the chance of catastrophic repairs in the future.

Signs Your Walk-In Refrigerator Needs Repairs

1. Frost Build-Up

When frost builds up in your walk-in unit, it could mean the temperatures inside are changing dramatically, causing items to melt and then refreeze. Frost can also mean that humidity levels are off, which can cause excess condensation in your walk-in. Finally, frost build-up around the door may indicate that it is not sealing properly and it is letting warm air in. If you find frost build-up in your walk-in cooler, be sure to address it right away – before the problem gets worse.

2. Bad Smells

Bad smells are never a good sign, especially when they seem to be coming from your walk-in refrigerator. If you notice a bad smell, it could be that the coolant is old and starting to lose its effectiveness. It could also mean that the food in the fridge is starting to rot or be otherwise destroyed by the elements. Be sure to follow your nose and get professional help before you lose any more of your investment.

3. Strange Noises

Make sure to keep an ear out when inspecting your walk-in refrigerator. Odd noises can often mean that your unit is experiencing mechanical problems and needs professional attention ASAP. A service professional from QPH will be able to figure out where the noise is coming from and what the next steps will be to keep your walk-in functioning properly.

While repairs of any kind are never fun to deal with, catching them early before they progress is the best way to avoid costly damages to your unit and your inventory. Contact Quality Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to keep your walk-in refrigerator working effectively. Request service online today or call us in Indianapolis at (833) 235-9260.