Business owners are always looking for ways to improve system efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety. One great way to accomplish these goals is by using building automation systems from Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc. We understand the technical complexities of HVAC systems and our team can create a plan that is tailor-made for the particular needs of your facility. Read on to learn more about building automation systems and how your business could benefit from them.

Building Automation Systems

What Are Building Automation Systems?

Building automation systems (BAS) control various components within a building’s structure, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC). Each of these components are vital in creating and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment within your facility. At QPH, we use the following heating and cooling automations:

  • Web-accessible thermostats
  • Single unit controls
  • Field equipment controllers
  • Smoke control systems
  • Wireless room sensors
  • Wireless temperature transmitters
  • Variable air volume controllers
  • Commercial zoning systems

What Are the Benefits?

There are several benefits to using building automation systems and when you choose to work with QPH, the level of services completely depends on your specific needs and business goals. We can help you lower energy costs because your HVAC and electrical systems are run more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and utility bills. Additionally, your facility will be kept at a more comfortable, consistent level, which reduces any complaints from facility occupants. Finally, using BAS can prevent breakdowns and other issues within HVAC systems, which drastically cuts down on maintenance costs.

Johnson Controls

At QPH, we use state-of-the-art building automation software by Johnson Controls, which is a trusted name in the building automation industry. This software allows us to manage HVAC equipment and other environmental controls through the use of reliable and efficient computer systems. We are also able to completely manage all building controls in your facility from our Indiana headquarters.

These are just a few of the benefits of building automation systems from Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc. To find out more about how to keep your facility running smoothly and your environment comfortable, contact the experts at QPH. We serve the central Indiana area, including Indianapolis, GreensburgKokomo, and Terre Haute. Call us today at (833) 235-9260 to request service.