HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes, but the two main options are commercial systems and residential systems. If you are a business owner, you may be wondering if you really need a commercial system or if you could get away with a residential HVAC system. Today, our team at Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc. is comparing the two, so you will understand why a commercial HVAC system is likely necessary for your business.

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems


Of course, the main difference between a residential system and a commercial system is the size. As commercial buildings are generally larger, it makes sense that they would need a larger HVAC system to heat and cool the building. Even if your commercial building isn’t huge, it would likely still benefit from a commercial HVAC system as residential systems generally are not equipped to handle a space larger than a house.


The next main difference is where your system will need to be installed. Residential HVAC systems are generally in the backyard or alongside your home. However, commercial systems need to be installed on the roof of the building to ensure adaptability and space. This also ensures that most of the noise pollution caused by the HVAC system stays out of the building.

Drainage Systems

Our next consideration is the drainage system required for a commercial HVAC system. Because the larger system is cooling a larger space, it creates more moisture than a residential system does when cycling through the system. That means that, unlike a residential system, a commercial HVAC will need an entire drainage system installed along with it.


Finally, maintaining each type of system is different as a commercial system is much more complex. Commercial systems require a highly experienced and skilled technician who is familiar with the complexity of components, the size of the system, and the different mechanisms. And while residential systems do require maintenance, the process is more straightforward and generally less expensive.

Basically, if you have a commercial building, you need a commercial HVAC system. A residential system simply cannot keep up with your heating and cooling needs in a large building. For installation and maintenance of your commercial HVAC system, trust the experts at Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc. We’ve provided the Indianapolis area with high quality service since 1968. Contact us today at (833) 235-9260.