Frozen pipes are among the most significant problems a commercial building owner can face during the cold months. If proper precautions aren’t taken, the water inside the pipes will freeze when the outside temperatures begin to drop below the freezing point. This problem can be anything from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster, so it’s important to avoid it to protect your commercial building. At Quality Plumbing and Heating Inc., we believe that the best offense is a good defense, so take these precautions and avoid damage from burst pipes this winter.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Insulate the Pipes

The first line of defense against frozen pipes is insulation. Take the time to make sure your building’s pipes are wrapped in insulation to help prevent freezing. Typically, pre-formed pipe sheaths or blanket-style insulation will get the job done. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, a QPH plumbing professional would love to help!

Insulate the Building

This is also a good opportunity to check your building’s insulation. Not only will proper insulation protect your pipes, it will also make your employees and customers more comfortable. Insulation should be in the walls, floors, ceilings, attic, foundation, and basement. And don’t forget that increasing your insulation can significantly lower your heating bills, so it’s a win-win.

Schedule a Winter Inspection

Before your pipes freeze, make a winter inspection a priority. Areas of small leaks in pipes, valves, and fittings in the system can reduce the insulation and result in freezing at that point. Additionally, the expansion of the freezing water is likely to make the leak bigger, which then puts your pipes at greater risk of freezing. It’s a vicious cycle, so be sure not to fall into it!

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